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Polymer Clay Jewelry Tray, Silver, Pink, Multi-color

Polymer Clay Jewelry Tray, Silver, Pink, Multi-color

This beautiful, ornamental jewelry tray is made entirely of polymer clay - nothing is painted. The central panel is made from several slices of a kaleidoscope cane, surrounded by a metallic silver shaded border. The technique for this border is mica shift, which creates an optical illusion: the pattern looks textured, but is absolutely smooth to the touch! The outside edge features a delicately tailored stripe. The underside has a layer of lightly-textured plum purple polymer clay edged with a border of the same pattern as the inside. Six fanciful textured feet give the tray support and attitude.

After curing, I sanded the interior of the tray for a satiny smooth finish.

Size: 9" x 4 1/4"

*** Please note: This dish is not food safe, it is for decoration only, to hold jewelry and small treasures.

It can not be put in the microwave or oven, nor should it be submerged in water. If it needs cleaning, please use a damp cloth.