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Ottoman Pot #9, Polymer Clay , Ecru, Brick Red, Blue

Ottoman Pot #9, Polymer Clay , Ecru, Brick Red, Blue

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This charming little vessel is made from polymer clay over a wooden covered pot. The lid is patterned with a base of textured brick red clay on top of which I draped a sheet of a kaleidoscope cane with a patterned border. Atop this sits a twisted red clay finial for height and elegance. The finial is reinforced with a center heavy wire.

The top portion of the pot body is decorated with a highly detailed border of the same kaleidoscope cane borders. The bottom features a delicate stripe comprised of slices from two different canes. On to surface of the pot sits a twisted rope of ecru and red clay for added dimension and texture. Ball feet give the pot attitude and personality. The interior of the pot is painted with brick red acrylic paint.

After baking, I sanded the pot to a smooth satiny finish. It's lovely to touch!


Height: 4 3/4" from the top of the knob to the bottom of the feet

width: 2 1/2" in diameter at the widest point