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Creating a Polymer Clay Bowl - Using the Canes We Made

This post is where I demonstrate how I use the polymer clay canes I make to create bowls, dishes, plates, and jewelry trays. I'm going to show the making of a ring dish, but the basic process is the same for all of the dishes I make.


To make a bowl we need some supplies: a small oven-safe glass bowl with a clean underside surface, an acrylic roller, a tissue blade, and some extra bits of clay for filling in and covering the underside of the bowl.We start with the canes I made in my last post plus a few extras. 

Creating a Polymer Clay Bowl - What is A Cane?

In my product listings, you've probably seen me say that I used polymer clay canes to create a bowl, plate, or jewelry tray. What does this mean, you ask? Well, a cane is a length of clay which has a design running throughout its length, meaning that each slice taken from that cane will be exactly the same. This post will demonstrate how I make a leaf cane. My next post will cover how I make a bowl using this cane.


To start, I need some blocks of colored polymer clay, a tissue blade, and a pasta machine or an acrylic rod for rolling.


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