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Sweet and Simple

Today is the day I finish up half-done work leftover from last year. These sweet and simple polymer clay pendants don't need much embellishment. A few crystals, some bead caps and some gold-plated wire combine to make a lovely piece of jewelry. Affordable too, at $29.00!

You can find the listing for this necklace here


you have fantastic collection

you have fantastic collection

That's so simple and adorable

That's so simple and adorable for me..... www.orlandotowingpartners.com/waterfordlakes

This isn't simple, Kate! This

This isn't simple, Kate! This is the most sophisticated thing I've seen out of your collection. Full of elegance! You have the best eye for design.

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Oh wow! These are so beautiful and unique! You're doing an amazing job kate. Keep it up!

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Nice collection. It's true that often simple product are the nice.
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