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Evolution of New Work

2017 turned out to be a terrible year. My mother died suddenly and unexpectedly, which threw me for a loop. This caused me to re-evaluate the work I've been doing: do I love making it, and if not, why? Do my customers love it? The answers I came up with are that I do love creating the intricate beadwork, but lately it has felt too much like work. As well, my customers at shows admire the sparkly beaded work, but tend to choose smaller, less blingly pieces for themselves. So, I will keep the beadwork as inspirational and occasional projects. My shop listings will show smaller, but still appealing, pieces.


My brother and I spent 10 weeks cleaning out my mother's house where she lived for nearly 60 years. Dear God, the lady never threw anything away! I came home after that experience and took a look around my studio. I realized I have WAY too much in the way of beading supplies. I did my year-end inventory for tax filing purposes and re-evaluated my supplies at the same time. What items have I been carrying forward for years and not using? Whenever I travel, I buy cabochons and beads. There are regional tastes in different parts of the USA, so I tried to expand my own choices by taking advantage of that. As a result, I have loads of beautiful cabochons and art glass bits and pieces. I just. Can't. Help. Myself!


This is the year I put those lovelies to work. Polymer clay, vintage Swarovski crystals, big shiny rivolis, and some time is all it took for a new line of pendants. They are fabulous! I made a couple for myself to beta-test and they are perfect: lightweight, colorful without being overpowering, and people have stopped me on the street to ask me where I bought them!

The new pieces are listed in the shop now.

Click the "store" link above for more information.


Creative and inspiring post

It’s a great pleasure to visit your blog. That's the very creative post you have shared with us. I like your designs that are shared with us. Please keep sharing more and more your thoughts and ideas. You did awesome work. Thank you for sharing. Keep writing and posting...

I am amazed by how you used

I am amazed by how you used your situation to create beautiful crafts like this. May your story inspire others as well. See the good in everything, indeed!

Thank you!

I appreciate your comment. Thank you for posting it! I hope to see you again,



Wow! I've never seen such an Amazing Art like this. How I wish to get one!


Wow! This is so nice! Is there a DIY tutorial for this?


Wow! Your crafts are

Wow! Your crafts are definitely amazing. I wish I can buy all of them.
Lucy | charleston sc concrete

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