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Designing a Gift

I took some time this past week to make a gift for a dear friend, which gave me an opportunity to explore new designs. I settled on a mirror as the finished piece, which led to sketches. I let my mind and pencil wander, and came up with an Art Nouveau-inspired theme of flowers and intertwinining vines.


Now that the design was worked out, it was time to transfer it to the blended clay sheet.


Now, four full days later, the piece is finished and I am really pleased with it! Elegant and graceful, I think my friend will love it when I deliver it to her. 


I enjoyed this old-fashioned style, so I will be heading deeper into if for some future work.



I love this!

Wow! I can't believe you're doing it again. Do you attend art class to enhance your skill? I wish I can be as creative and imaginative as you to create crafts as beautiful as this. Good job on being so awesome!

Lindsay | concrete fayetteville ar

Mirror blog post reply

Thanks very much Lindsay!

I don't attend any classes - I majored in art in college, so I have a strong art background. This was a very fun project and my friend loved it. Stay tuned for more to appear in coming months. :)

Best regards,


Love it!!

Wooah! How can you be this awesome? I am a big fan of your crafts! I was influenced by my mom to visit your website because I saw her buying one of your items. I will surely watch out for your new designs.

Camelia of charleston concrete companies


Wow! I love your work Kate! You are so creative, I wish I had that same creativity. This would be a perfect gift this Christmas. bathroom remodel

These are beautiful!

You surely got a lucky friend! Receiving a gift like this from you is just the most wonderful feeling in the world.

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That's nice! I wisk I had friend like you!



That's lovely. I really like the design. I wish I could have it!

Great Post!

My kids loves arts and craft. They will sure love this. Yhank you! Michael Hams

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Perfect design, I wish I have a talent like you. Thank you for sharing!


You there, This is really nice art. Thanks for taking the time to post such valuable art.

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