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Creating a Polymer Clay Bowl - Using the Canes We Made

This post is where I demonstrate how I use the polymer clay canes I make to create bowls, dishes, plates, and jewelry trays. I'm going to show the making of a ring dish, but the basic process is the same for all of the dishes I make.


To make a bowl we need some supplies: a small oven-safe glass bowl with a clean underside surface, an acrylic roller, a tissue blade, and some extra bits of clay for filling in and covering the underside of the bowl.We start with the canes I made in my last post plus a few extras. 

I use a glass bowl as a form to create the bowl shape, and then preserve that shape during the baking process.

1) I start from the center of the bowl and work my way out in concentric rows. At the center, I place a cane slice and press it down well to prevent any air pockets forming.

2) The next row is a series of flower petal cane slices arranged evenly and pressed down on the bowl. We want good contact between those slices and that center one. I then use a roller to go over the outside surface, making sure the clay is well-adhered and a smooth, even thickness. At this point I also fill in any gaps with spare clay (see the black bits?)

3) Each row is built the same way, until the bowl is the size I want it to be.

4) Turning the bowl over shows me what the inside of the finished piece will look like.

I don't always start with a plan. Sometimes a cane design I think will look good with the work doesn't, and I have to go to my cane stash and start pulling things out to to try:

Left: nope

Center: close, but... nope, too orange

Right: um... no

"Huzzah!" We have a winner! I needed something which will complement the orange in the flower petals:

I made a second bowl to use the leaf cane from my previous post:

I like a nice, neat appearance, so the next step is to cover the underside of the bowl. I cut a cirle of plain clay which accents the interior design of the bowl and add it, pressing well with a texture sponge for interest. The texturing process also makes sure this layer is well-adhered to the bowl. We don't want any air pockets which will cause the clay to bubble out and distort.  If there is room, I add a row or two of clay slices to the outside of the bowl for a bit of surprise interest.


Finally, I add feet and a slice from my signature cane. These babies are ready for the oven:

After they are baked and cooled, I pop them off the glass bowl and they are ready for listing in the shop. :) You can see the listing here and here

Thanks for following along as I made these!





These are awesome Polymer Clay Bowls.

Very colourful

I love the colour and inventful designs of these bowls. They really make the bowls pop.

Roger - Gutter Cleaning Perth


Do you bake polymer clay canes before cutting them?

re: Informative!

Hi. No the canes are raw clay when I slice them. That's how the pieces stick to each other without using any adhesives.

Thanks for visiting my blog!


Very Cool!

Wow, this is very cool. I can`t believe that you can actually make this kind of artwork just by using clay. I`m really amazed.

Impressive artwork!

I totally admire you for making such a wonderful piece of art. You`re so talented.


This is very interesting. I didn`t think you could actually make such a cool masterpiece out of polymer clay. Now I know. Thanks for sharing. It looks so amazing.


This is creative. I love the creation. Thanks!

Your art is excellent!!!!!

Your art is excellent!!!!! Bravo


Such a talented person! Keep us updated on your new creation!

Sam | phone repair app

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